To know God and to make Him known

Why become a Licensed Director?

If there is no community availability near you, consider starting a new one!

If there is no Classical Conversations community near you or if those close by are already at capacity, then chances are high that you are not the only one in your area who is interested. Why not consider serving both your own family and theirs by starting a new community as a Licensed Director?

Classical Conversations® Licensed Directors are equipped to lead local, weekly communities for parents and students learning together and doing life together. Directors build these vibrant, encouraging communities by guiding homeschooling parents in the classical tools of learning, using our curated curriculum.

Those interested in becoming a Director must have a commitment to: serving Christ, homeschooling their children through high school, learning the classical model of education, and guiding other families in their homeschooling journeys. Although it is a great responsibility, the reward of making a positive impact in your community is far worth it. Plus, we’ll be with you every step of the way, offering you resources and guidance through your local Team Leader and the Academic Support team. We will also provide you with a predictable income to offset your own homeschooling expenses.

You’ve got this. We’ve got you. Learn more about becoming a Licensed Director today!

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How do you know you have been called to be a Licensed Director?

Listen to Becky, Classical Conversations mom, and she’ll tell you!

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Core Values

Classical Conversations team members are GHIDE-d by:

  • Grace in speech (Colossians 4:6)
  • Humility of mind (Philippians 2:3-4)
  • Integrity in action (Titus 2:7-8, Proverbs 11:3)
  • Diligence in work (Romans 12:11)
  • Excellence in results (Philippians 1:10, 1 Corinthians 10:31)

We Believe

  • The purpose of education is to know God and to make him known.
  • God trusts parents with their children, and so should we.
  • Wrestling with truth promotes blessing and virtue for the whole community.
  • Education is the responsibility of the family, with support from fellow believers.
  • The support of community enhances our ability to fulfill parental duties.
  • The accountability of community both sharpens and humbles its members.
  • Classical education embodies the most natural tools of learning.
  • Truth is required to inculcate wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
  • Classical education prepares us to accept the responsibilities of Christian freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Influencing parents to raise Christian world-changers
  • Robust academic training
  • Ensuring a community for your own children
  • Redeeming your own education
  • Opportunity to help choose your community’s location
  • Growing in Christian leadership
  • Equipping in classical academics
  • Best practices for being a licensee
  • Access to instructional videos, documents, webinars, and more
  • Discussion forums with other Licensed Directors
  • Guidance from a local Team Leader
  • Resources sent straight to your inbox to help you stay informed, access your resources, and tips to use along the way
  • Provide a program for others who can’t step into leadership right now
  • Become a better teacher for your own children
  • Ability to impact the location and calendar for the program
  • Specialized training and equipping
  • Engage with a larger community of Licensed Directors as you share and learn together through forums
  • Impact future world-changers
  • Access to specialized resources: training videos, documents, webinars, and more to help you lead your program
  • Support from your local Team Leader
  • Academic support from Classical Conversations
  • Income to offset your homeschooling program costs
  • Ensure there is a community to help you to educate your own family


Licensed Directors are committed to homeschooling all of their children through high school.

Christ-centered Worldview

Licensed Directors love God’s Word and are able to apply it to the academics of their programs, defending a Christ-centered worldview. Challenge Directors grow in their ability to integrate God’s Word and the six strands into a conversation that equips children to know God and to make Him known.

Child Enrollment Requirements

In order to show commitment to the mission to know God and to make Him known through a classical educa­tion and to provide continuity to the progress of each program, each Licensed Director should enroll all of their children in an appropriate local community. In certain instances (with Team Leader approval), a parent may become a Licensed Director at home to one student.

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The encouragement and support from other parents is vital. I enjoy learning from those before me in their journey, encouraging those beside me, and sharing with those coming behind.

CC Parent

I am a grandmother homeschooling my 9-year-old granddaughter who has been through a lot of trauma with both parents. The moms, Tutors and Director have truly been encouraging and most accepting of this old grandma and her granddaughter. We are going into our 5th year at CC.


My CC community breathes flavor, energy, and structure into my homeschool. The steady support, motivation to learn perpetually, and sweet fellowship is vital to me personally and to my family.

CC Parent

As a longtime homeschooler, you can find 350 Classically-centered curricula on the market. What sets CC apart isn’t the carefully crafted history sentences, the infectious list of pronouns the kids chant, or the way you can tweak it to be whatever you want at home. It’s the community.

CC Parent

But what about socialization? I have to admit, I heard this question a couple times when I first decided to homeschool, but most people I come across don’t ask it anymore. If they do inquire about how I keep my kids socialized, I get to tell them about the amazing community God brought into our lives with Classical Conversations.

CC Parent

My CC Community has been an integral part of our homeschool experience. I can’t imagine being on this journey alone, as a ‘lone wolf.’ I love how CC covers aspects of homeschooling that I would not get to on my own, such as weekly science experiments and art projects, and memorizing a world history Timeline of events. CC provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all of my homeschooling needs.

CC Parent

Community is a very valuable part of CC. What other curriculum has weekly modeling lessons for us parents?

CC Parent

Our CC family is so much more than a group of fellow homeschoolers. They are the family who can truly understand my daily struggles as a homeschooling mom. They are the family who supported me emotionally and mentally when my husband passed away. They are the family that welcomed me with open arms when we had to move out of state and join a new CC family! There is nothing comparable to our CC family. I am so truly grateful.

CC Parent

My director and fellow parents are tutors are more than colleagues; they’re friends. I’m thankful for the support, accountability, and friendship they offer.

CC Parent

My community is my tribe. They are an extension of my family and make a difference in my success as a homeschooler.

CC Parent

We needed accountability and a group. Then CC came to my area. I could focus on enjoying learning alongside my children! My kids flourished, recognizing the education they were receiving in a CC community was different than many of their peers.

CC Parent

I was all over the place for my first six years of homeschooling. An hour into the first information meeting I went to, I was blown away. This was what I was looking for! An educational philosophy I believed in AND a roadmap to do it!

I no longer woke up from the middle of the night in a panic that I was missing something or doing something wrong. I was surrounded by parents who had a desire to educate excellently, helping me be my best. I was no longer spending energy trying to find a curriculum and support group that would work. My energy was now focused on growing as a classical learner alongside my kids.

CC Parent

I was afraid to homeschool, I had family that tried it and thought, ‘If they can’t do it, how can I?’ At an information meeting, I learned CC would support me, provide a community and teach ME. Now, I’ve homeschooled two children through high school. I feel confident teaching my children hard subjects!

CC Parent

Even as a former educator, I needed curriculum assistance and overall support from a community. I learned to relax and enjoy the children God had given me and the purpose of education.

CC Parent

Homeschooling is a journey.
So is being a Licensed Director.

We’re with you every step of the way.

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