To know God and to make Him known

Classical, Christian education isn’t meant to be confusing.

"What is a classical education? What makes Classical Conversations® different from other homeschooling opportunities? What exactly would a normal day or week look like for my child?"

Learn about classical homeschooling by watching our Start Here series! After you watch each short video below, another will appear to answer a follow-up question. And after watching all three introductory videos, you'll be able to view more detailed, age-focused videos about what a typical CC experience would look like for your student. You'll also receive three free downloadable PDFs, Ten Things to Know Before You Start Homeschooling, Ten Great Read Alouds, and Eleven Keys to Make Homeschooling Doable. Enjoy!

Why Consider a Classical, Christian Education?


For Students Ages 4–12


For Students Ages 9+


For Students Ages 12+

Challenge A

For Students Ages 12+

Challenge B

For Students Ages 13+

Challenge I

For Students Ages 14+

Challenge II

For Students Ages 15+

Challenge III

For Students Ages 16+

Challenge IV

For Students Ages 17+